M.Genesis is one of the leading brands in Taiwan that provide medical cosmetics, skin care and make-up products for women and men. All products are tested, selected and developed by a team of dematologists have long experience.


M.Genesis specializes in providing quality, safe and professional services to customer. Rather than normal medical products  were produced by businesses which most of them are forming and selling by non-medical profession staffs, whereas the products of M.Genesis are adequately added with professional knowledge and dicussed by professional doctors.

Also through the discreet evaluation process before introducing to the market.

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With the advantages of product:

Use the active ingredients.

Licensed in many countries.


The value of M.Genesis:

All medical products is for medical treatment, but not just for commercial products.

As a medical team from different sections, but all with the same voice.

Medical cosmetic products is a brand of the Medical Genesis Biotechnique limited company.


With the motto: “The effect is the core target”

All products of M.Genesis undrewent clinical tests by doctors.

Each product development is based on medical and comply with medical ethics.

For cosmetic is the same as the prescription to patients every day.

Each cosmetic product is a combination of many natural ingredients and rare materials.

As a woman, who aslo want to have a white pink, healthy and smooth skin. That is why it has a saying: “The most is modern, the second is skin” and this has become one of the leading standards that women are interested in it. However, owning a beautiful skin means that you must have a reasonable diet, proper rest time and combine with natural beauty products. Therefore, M.Genesis has introduced a product line of reliable, safe, effective medical cosmetics that meet beauty needs.

Product: Suitable for all skin…