TEN NO MIZU LOTION is a product 5 in 1: Detoxify, moisturize, regenerate cells, against the signs of aging skin and make skin whitening.


Using Ten No Mizu Lotion daily helps absorbs natural minerals, metabolize to better blood circulation, discard scum and give a smooth healthy skin to you.

Increasing moist for skin: Oil skin is caused by lack of water in epidermis, so skin secrete more and more oil to balance. Therefor, using this lotion will make the moist balance.

Blurring the bruise caused by acne, the age spots, stretch marks and freckles. sRevive and increase the skin protective function. Strong antioxidant, anti-burn by the sunlight and tighten pores.


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Also, Ten No Mizu Lotion also have other uses:

With oil hair: Eliminating the scalp sebum; stimulate hair growth and restore damaged hair due to many chemicals, making the hair becomes shiny and healthier with natural minerals.

Deodorize body and treatment stomatitis by spraying directly into the mouth or where the body needs deodorizing.

Cleaning hurts: Or men, when shaving is to injured and sore, spray Ten No Mizu Lotion to help you clean and blurry scars.

With completely natural substance, Ten No Mizu Lotion is safe for every skin, all ages.

Exclusive Distribution: Da Ying Trading Company Limited