Ten No Mizu

Anyone of us always want to become more and more beautiful and younger. Because: “There is no ugly woman, only the woman who don’t know how to take care of beauty”. So, beauty care is essential and especially for women. With the continuous development of society, the beauty taking care of women are increasing. However, there are a lot of fake cosmetics, substandard, especially rampant cream mix on the market makes a lot of women feel consused and does not know how to choose safe comestics.. Understanding the psychological and the fear of women when using cosmetics on the market nowadays, Japan have lauched a complete skin care products completely from natural: colorless, odorless, no preservatives, no synthetic flavoring. And meet all the needs in terms of age, gender, occupation, environment, budget and product quality,saving time for users. Especially it is all products are not only for women but also for men can use. This product called TENNO MIZU LOTION.

As one of the most advanced skincare products from Japan, made from natural minerals and Sodium Hyaluronate Black Silica. Black Silica is a form of natural minerals, originating from the mountains of Hokkaido, Kaminokumi town, Japan. Black silica is a kind of mineral rocks accumulated by seaweed over hundreds of millions of years, containing a lot of carbon crystal and other natural minerals. Black silica is one of the strong humectant, provide absolute humidity because of its good water absorption properties. In addition, Black Silica promote blood circulation under the skin and absorbs nutrients and maintain metabolism. Tenno Mizo Lotion is a liquid compound extracted from Black Silica. Therefore, the product not only helps us to solve the problem of skin on the outside but also helps nourish skin regeneration from deep within the skin’s epidermis.


Black Silica penetrates deep into the epidermis

Enhance blood circulation

Promote metabolism

Cell regeneration with oxygen and nutrients

Sodium Hyaluronat helps better skin osmotic for better moisture retention.

Product are suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive skin. Non-irritating to the skin.

Covering the entire body, skin have the mission to protect the inside tissue from injury, effects of ultraviolet (UV), temperature, toxicity. Over time, the skin usually becomes dry, wrinkled and dull. Aging skin is usually an irreversible process. But now, Japanese scientists have found mechanisms to maintain youthful skin by protecting skin structure from deep within. And is considered a step forward to help women fight aging from the root.