Insect Trap- Intelligent Fly Insect Control For A Cleaner & Safer Environment

An approach to insect control that integrates best of technology and understanding of insect fly behavior to achieve lasting results while protecting human health and improving environment.
Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate whereby the average annual humidity is around 84% with an average annual rainfall of 1,200mm to 3,000mm and the average temperature is between 5 to 37 degrees Celsius. These factors had contributed to the influx of various types of insects into Vietnam.

Da Ying realized that the main concern of the new generation is the awareness on self-improvement, health and hygienic issues, environment and quality of life and in order to manifest the importance of the awareness of the environment concerns in the Vietnamese, Da Ying had chosen to import from Benhar- the top Japanese insect trap (Mushipon) of which is manufactured in Malaysia and Japan.

Origin: Malaysia, Japan

.  Gel tape: S8, S20- Origin: Japan

.  UV light – Origin: Japan

Now we are the official agent of “Mushipon” insect trap in Vietnam market. Currently, these devices have been used very effectively in the local market as well as around the world.

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Product series

.  MPX-2000

.  MP-2300M

.  MP-2000M

.  MPP-1000M



Mushipon- The New Insect Light Trap In The Market

Using ultraviolet light to attract flying insects and gel tape to trap (stick) insects from escaping.

– Proven to be reliable, safe, clean, and effective.
– Free of crackling sound & burnt smell.
– Comply to HACCP standards
– Capture all type of insects, even very tiny ones.


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  • MP-2300M
  • MPP -1000M
  • MPX-2000
  • MP-2000M